Garden Fresh

The strictly vegan cuisine offered at Garden Fresh in Palo Alto combines abundant flavor with healthful ingredients to create an enticing menu. The expansive listing features food selections that incorporate an Asian flare by following age-tested Chinese recipes, all completely free of any animal products. Years of culinary experience are brought into the food preparation offered by the owners of Garden Fresh who have an extensive background in Chinese vegan cuisine. Serving healthy and delicious food is an everyday occurrence at Garden Fresh.

Plant-based products are used exclusively at Garden Fresh where vegans can be assured that every dish is free of any meat, dairy or egg products. Flavor is never compromised, however, and everyone including meat-loving diners will find delicious and satisfying meals. Succulent sauces are combined with the natural protein of soy to produce entrees that could easily be mistaken for meat, seafood or fowl.

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Flavorful spices are inherent in Chinese vegan cooking, and dishes range in taste from mild to spicy. Diners will also find a variety of textures and colors that combine ingredients such as green vegetables, carrots, beets and eggplant with brown rice, tofu and noodles.

Tempting menu choices such as the Mongolian veggie chicken, sweet and sour veggie pork and veggie beef with broccoli are presented with flare and filled with flavor. Every dish is carefully planned to ensure both an appetizing presentation and provide fulfilling nourishment.

The convenient Palo Alto location of Garden Fresh Restaurant is close to the university, business and shopping districts. The wide variety of vegan dishes adds to the appeal of this popular café that draws a regular local following. A crisp interior, often decorated with the work of local artists, attentive service and consistent quality make this place a favorite place for a quick lunch or relaxing dinner. Takeout and delivery service is also provided.